Perfection is overrated.....Let's focus on being Better not Perfect

Welcome to Brown Sugar and Latin Spice, we’re Whitney and Sandra your Personal Development Strategist. We help you figure out whether you're living the life you want and if not, we help you find solutions to better your life. In other words we teach you how to put yourself first without feeling guilty.

Are you tired of being the go to person and you're ready to start focusing on yourself? Sometimes we feel like we have to be everything to everyone. You’re allowed to say “Hey, I need a timeout.” But you don't want to hurt anyone's feelings or seem selfish, so you continue with your life. Let me guess, you’re drained, you feel unappreciated, unfulfilled and burnt out. You don't know where to start. In the back of your mind you’re thinking there has to be more to life than this. You can’t please the boss, your coworkers, family members, spouse, or friends…..When was the last time you took time to take care of yourself ...Yeah...I’ll wait.

Falling apart gracefully is still falling apart. You can still be true to who you are and not sacrifice your sanity to help others.

We’ve been there, we’ve felt unappreciated. When you're overwhelmed and unfulfilled In your relationships with family, jobs, friends, and spouses...not to mention yourself! You feel invisible, at times you can’t even tell who's looking back at you in the mirror. You’ve lost your sense of self.  You harbor feelings of resentment towards others because you're always the one giving. You are so far gone that you’re not sure of what you want or need in order to be you. 

Yeah, we get it. We’ve felt the same way.  You can’t keep hiding behind a smile. It’s time for you to take a stand and start living your life for YOU. That’s what we had to do.  You tried it alone now try it with us.

Just think of how great it will be to not only feel, but also be EMPOWERED. To embrace your new sense of self-appreciation and trust the most important person in your life…….YOURSELF!!!  

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