Who we help

 Brown Sugar and Latin Spice (BSLS) provides wellness education services to assist with the process of Self-Recovery. The founders of BSLS are Masters Level Social Workers with a broad scope of knowledge. BSLS believe in 5 foundational elements of wellness that aid in the process of self-recovery. These elements are Spirituality, Health, Connection, Wealth and Balance. 

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How we help


Working with a Personal Development strategist can make the difference between settling for the status quo to creating the meaningful life you want to live! 

In each session we encourage deep thoughts about your life, in its current state and the changes you want to make. You will learn to challenge your thoughts by identifying inconsistencies. We will support you through difficult decisions. As well as help you to create strategies to reach your goals.

We are your source of support, empowerment, motivation, encouragement, and accountability.

After reading everything above you're probably wondering. What do we expect from you? In order for change to take affect you must be ready and willing to put work and energy into making changes happen for you. It is essential that you are motivated to invest your time and energy towards integrating the outcomes of each strategy session into your life, to maximize the benefits of coaching. 

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