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We define Self-Recovery as....

the process of emerging from a state of inner conflict in order to heal and strengthen oneself  


Self-Recovery works best when you have a team to guide you…..we’re your team.

Journey Toward Self-Recovery



 We had to learn the basics of self- recovery.  At Brown Sugar and Latin Spice we have 5  foundational elements .  These essential elements are Spirituality, Health, Connection, Wealth and Balance. We continue to use these foundational  elements  to ensure growth and success.  

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 We want you to be able to go to work with your head held high and know that you are rocking this shit. We developed tools that help you move forward, and strategies to help when you fall back into old habits, because let’s be honest you will. We will work with you using the GROW, GLOW, GO!!! Method. We want you to  live a full life, not just survive. 

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 The struggle is real, imposter syndrome, low-self esteem is real, I could go on and on but at the end of the day you have the courage deep down inside you to change it all. Mindset matters, Confidence matters, Self-care matters...YOU MATTER and we're here to listen and guide you in finding solutions that better your life.  

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